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Supernova C3

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Full openness, considerate and comfortable
·0.23T magnet strength, single-column, c-type, almos 360o openness.
·High-grade Nd-Fe-B rare earth magnetic materials to ensure homogeneity and stability.
·Reducing sense of claustrophobia and providing comfortable scanning space.

Powerful gradient system
·300V/250A gradient amplifier; Kampo’s innovative load-adaptive PWM patented technology optimizes the match between amplifier and coils, ensures different gradient waves can output with high fidelity, and supports ultra fast scanning and high resolution

Advanced RF system
·Transmit coil: four-channel quadrature transmit coil, greatly increase the transmit efficiency and improve the B1 homogeneity, so that perfect fat suppression will be achieved.
·Receive coil: four-channel PA receive coil with special design for special regions, able to upgrade to 8-16 channels.
·Automatic recognition of coils, automatic gain adjustment, automatic frequency adjustment.
Extraordinary performance to price ratio, well-prepared for tomorrow
·Compact: uniquely designed cabinet to hold core components, requiring less space for installation, and more convenient maintenance.
·Lowest operation cost: permanent magnet, no need for expensive helium.
·Greatly improved work efficiency: more spacious operation room, fully upgraded interventional therapy accuracy and real-time monitoring efficiency.

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