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RayNova DRt

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Newly upgraded, new experience from RayNova series

RayNova DRt is endowed with fully automatic dual rail suspension system, 3D linkage fast movement and 2+2 fully automatic positioning & tracking function, which offers you simple and easy operation. The all-in-one workstation provides you a work environment with more ease and higher efficiency.

Intelligent design and flexible mechanical movement to offer you totally new experience.

Fully automatic dual rail suspension system

◆Fast, steady and smooth 3D linkage movement mode

◆Wide range, multi-angle, and zero blind angle radiography

◆Radiography for special regions, and easy projection on all body parts

2+2 fully automatic positioning and tracking function

◆One-button switch for normal standing/lying

◆One-button switch for two self-defined positions

Internationally leading amorphous silicon FPD to make excellent image

◆17×17 inch imaging area

◆Min 125μm accurate imaging

◆Max. 4.0 LP/mm limited density resolution

Integrating advance technologies to make smoother workflow ,

All-in-one workstation:

◆Acquisition ◆Report

◆Post-processing ◆Printing

Easy operation

◆Rich image post-processing functions ◆All Chinese interface

◆Image management software ◆Most simplified operation

Image stitching function

◆Latest seamless stitching technique and automatically generate whole spine stitched images and long bone stitched images

Strong compatibility

◆Compliant with DICOM 3.0

◆Seamless data transfer to any DICOM equipment, PACS or RIS

◆Convenient for high-efficiency data management, printing, storage and tele-consultation


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